Monthly Archives: September 2011

Skills to Energize Your Life – Coming This Weekend

As the week winds down I am looking forward to the Full Body Presence: Skills to Energize Your Life workshop.  It has been fun and rewarding to take the tools and skills that healthcare practitioners have found so valuable for the last two decades and shift them slightly so that the general public can make better ... Read More

Becoming Deeply Aware of the Ground I Stand Upon.

As my foot has been healing, I have been provided with many opportunities to pay attention to my feet and how they connect with the earth. Gravity has moved from an unconscious force in my world, to something I am much more aware of moment to moment. I play with it all the time now. ... Read More

Slowing Down – Not Pushing the River

Expanding from my blog post yesterday I would like to talk more for the next few days about the phrases that have come to me as I have been healing. Starting with “Slowing down – not pushing the river.”  So what does this wonderful phrase actually mean? Let’s talk first about what it does not ... Read More

The Bigger Picture of a Healing Process

After writing that tongue-in-cheek blog post yesterday about my healing foot talking to me, I was struck by how my whole being (not just my foot) was actually communicating with me. And, it had plenty to say about my healing process over the last month. As the pockets of wisdom have appeared in my awareness ... Read More

Healing Questions For My Foot

I am learning so much at a whole new level about listening to my body since this recent injury to my foot. First question immediately after rolling so gracefully down the hill and across the lawn… 1. Oh, darn!  it really hurts – did I really do what I think I just did? Answer from ... Read More

Shifting the Paradigm

This morning we began AEDA I (HFAE1) with a rich discussion about how this work and the skills it teaches for full body presence are paradigm shifters. Whether we are talking about hands-on healing modalities, leadership coaching, meditative practices, psychotherapy, or care giving at any level, the paradigm of navigating from the wisdom of the ... Read More

Drinking at the Deep Well of the Bones

One of the many energy depletion patterns we were looking at today in AEDA I (HFAE1) was one that is rampant in our culture. It is the way in which the pace and stress of our modern world leaves us no time to rest, rejuvenate, and really sink into what would nourish us most in ... Read More

Creating Sacred Space

Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I – Day One As we began our time together yesterday the first foundational step we took was to lay out how to create sacred space – in the circles we may lead, in our families, with friends – in life. For those preparing to hold space for others in ... Read More

Foggy Mornings

I awoke early today (5am), and found myself greeted by a cool fog as I went out to pick up the paper. The trees in my backyard are cloaked in misty mystery and I cannot see the lake. It is truly a foggy morning. I can feel this fog inside my body as well, as ... Read More

AEDA I Coming This Week!

I am looking forward to the upcoming Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications I workshop that starts this Wednesday. This training includes so many important subtle energy skills. We start with how to have your language, your words, match the neutrality of your energy presence. We explore projection, shadow and limiting belief structures as they effect ... Read More