Healing From the Core® and the Continuum Process

Courses led by Suzanne Scurlock with Emilie Conrad

For 18 years, Suzanne Scurlock and Emilie Conrad co-led workshops together combining the magic of Healing From the Core® with Continuum and the powerful yet gentle touch of CranioSacral therapy.

Suzanne and Emilie

As of December 2020, we are working to convert all of our DVD sets into an online format, accessible from anywhere. Several courses are available online now!

Full length recordings of the annual five-day courses they taught together were made from 2000–2012. They include all the lectures, Q&A, demonstrations and wrap-up discussions – the next-best thing to being there.

Emilie’s passing in April of 2014 was a deep loss to us all. May these films help her legacy be carried forward for years to come. Enjoy some clips of these DVDs below.

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