Sandra Williams, LCSW, CST (Rockford, IL)

Sandy Williams

Sandy Williams has been in the health care field for 30 years as a licensed clinical social worker and 20 years as a CranioSacral therapist. She balances these two therapies in her private practice. Sandy enjoys counseling and coaching individuals who want more self-awareness and to improve their lives with goals beyond surviving and into thriving. As a technique certified and advanced practitioner of CranioSacral therapy, Sandy loves facilitating sessions


Deb Schneider-Murphy LMT, LISW (Worthington, OH)


Deb Schneider-Murphy practices CranioSacral Therapy and Somatic Psychotherapy in Columbus, Ohio. Her interests in integrative work have coalesced over 25 years; she holds licensure in both massage therapy and Social Work. Deb has been a Healing From the Core student since 2000; and has been a Certified Practitioner since 2007. Deb draws from this work in her practice with individual clients. She teaches the curriculum in its pure form as


Deborah (Deb) Jewett, LMT (Friendship, OH)

Deb Jewett 2017

Deb is a holistic manual therapist. In her private practice, she combines cranioSacral with meditation, breathe work, energy work and traditional modalities such as massage and movement. Deb also offers sessions using a Dreamweaver; a vibroacoustic healing instrument using music, vibration, sacred geometry, and intention to facilitate the healing process. Deb is a certified Healing From the Core presenter and advanced cranioSacral therapist. Deb utilizes and teaches techniques to help


Beth Ann Benetz (Cleveland, OH)

Beth Ann's photo

Beth Ann is a Professor at Case Western Reserve University, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an accomplished ophthalmic photographer and researcher. In search of a women-only group healing experience for sexual trauma, her first HFC course was Healing the Pelvic Floor in 2011. She subsequently completed the Healing from the Core curriculum, crediting the work in providing depth, skills and connections to her healing