Karen Durana, PT (Washington, DC)


Karen is a holistic physical therapist and massage therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience. She is co-owner of Phoenix Rising Physical and Massage Therapy in Washington, DC. Her practice combines traditional orthopaedic techniques with craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, and visceral manipulation. She implements Healing from the Core principles and explorations during her sessions. Her passion is to assist people in returning to their true selves, helping them


Gail Copp (Lr. Sackville, NS)


Gail came to massage therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and Healing From the Core when, more than a decade ago, she was stricken with an illness from which mainstream medicine could provide little, if any, relief. She is passionate in sharing these techniques that have restored her to health & vibrancy. She finds Healing From the Core principles and explorations enhance the benefits of these modalities, helping people to find their inner


Tamara Blossic, D.C. (Hockessin, DE)


Tamara is a compassionate healer who combines many modalities with a working knowledge of Healing From the Core principles. A Chiropractic Physician in private practice since 1990, her goal is to provide optimal care for patients. Her background includes teaching, CranioSacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, functional medicine, and prenatal and pediatric care. Her intuitive approach to bodywork integrates physical and emotional aspects of health. Setting up Movement for Well Being, wellness


Beth Ann Benetz (Cleveland, OH)

Beth Ann's photo

Beth Ann is a Professor at Case Western Reserve University, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an accomplished ophthalmic photographer and researcher. In search of a women-only group healing experience for sexual trauma, her first HFC course was Healing the Pelvic Floor in 2011. She subsequently completed the Healing from the Core curriculum, crediting the work in providing depth, skills and connections to her healing


Marcia Bamber, PT (Ottawa, ON)

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Marcia is a physiotherapist with over 20 years experience. She uses craniosacral therapy, traditional physiotherapy techniques, acupuncture and Healing From the Core principles in her practice to help people achieve more physical comfort and freedom of movement. She has a passion for helping babies with nursing difficulties and torticollis as well as other developmental difficulties. She works at Neurologic Physiotherapy Clinic in Ottawa, Canada where she also leads a monthly