July 2018 Newsletter

The Top 5 Discoveries
From my World Wide Presence Tour

My plane just touched down after more than a month of whirlwind travel.

From the glorious energy of China to the music and color of Australia, I got to practice meeting each exotic moment with my Presence.

Along the way I discovered 5 unfailing truths I invite you to try on:

1. Trust that life goes much better when you


June 2018 Newsletter

The Journey Home to Esalen and Beyond

It was Fourth of July 1993 when I first stepped foot on the land that is the Esalen Institute.

I was there as a guest of my friend Steve Harper. And in a way I never left.

Its sheer beauty rocked my world …

The mineral hot springs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The lush organic fruit and vegetable gardens.

The scent of the


May 2018 Newsletter

Empowerment in All Its Glory

I just finished leading my Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop for women in Asheville, North Carolina.

All I can say is WOW!

The OM Sanctuary was gorgeous.

The women who helped me facilitate the workshop were fabulous.

And the material seemed right on target.

Participant after participant shared how much they valued what they were learning.

Then along came life.

You know, all the details


April 2018 Newsletter

Rebirth – Renewal – Re-Blossoming – Spring!

Last week it snowed — despite the first day of Spring.

Big wet flakes wrapped all the new buds. And a soft white blanket covered the dark red tips of my peony bushes, which had just emerged from the earth.

Fortunately it melted quickly. Yet it reminded me that life often throws us curve balls when we expect something else.

Spring is the