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Happy Valentine’s Day From New Zealand

The Christchurch Botanical Gardens is home to some of the most magnificent trees that grow on this beautiful planet. I felt so at home when I discovered this giant Sequoia – Redwood. It was one of many here.
Scroll on down for a Eucalyptus tree – wow! You can see how huge it is by looking at the people walking past.
And finally – what Valentine’s Day – and what Botanical Garden would be complete without roses? This one was particularly fragrant – I hovered over it for quite some time getting my olfactory senses completely satiated!

It has been a wonderful week here in Christchurch, New Zealand. A great class of teaching CST therapists about therapeutic presence through the DDCSP class sponsored by Xanthe Ashton – thank you Xanthe! And now, this marvelous day in the Botanical Gardens and elsewhere here in Christchurch. Next, off to Akaroa by the sea.


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