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Head Trauma – Why Are We So Blind?

Sometimes I feel like the lone voice in the desert on certain issues. Head trauma and concussions due to high impact sports is one of those issues. I was incredulous after reading the Washington Post Health section article a few minutes ago on concussion.

On the surface it seemed to be an article debating the wisdom of this baseline cognitive test (ImPACT) given to many high school athletes these days. …


Life in the Esalen Lane

The Ocean at Dawn

The Ocean at Dawn

As I go through my final week here, I am cherishing my connections to this place. I thrive on the clear, cool air. I am fed deeply by the garden flowers of all scents, sizes and colors shining in the sunlight. The humming birds and monarchs are everywhere this year – dive bombing us with no fear.

Then there is the ocean – the beautiful, wild …


Being Received Deeply

As my staff and I did our post class wrap up for the Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop, I realize one of the reasons why the week was so deeply satisfying for us is because the circle of women who participated this year were so open to receiving what we offered them.

We all came away feeling as though they drank us in deeply in every corner of the …


Gathering of Women

Today is the third day of Healing the Pelvic Floor for women. This annual workshop at Esalen always feeds my soul. The group of women who have gathered this year range in age from early twenties to early sixties, with all kinds of professions represented. When women gather like this with a common goal and the courage and openness to heal and grow, anything is possible.

And, it is as …


Mineral Baths, Healing Bodywork and More


As you can see from the photo above, I have figured out how to add photos to my blog posts!

In my ongoing travels this summer, we arrived late last night at an exquisitely beautiful guest house in Big Sur and came down to Esalen this morning for a soak and a massage to help us “arrive” here in this cool, misty oceanside oasis.

As I slid into the hot …