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Message of Christmas

Thank you to my friend and colleague Cari Rowan for sending me this wonderful story about how one mother turned the perennial question, “Does Santa really exist?” into an opportunity for a great life lesson. I loved it.

Her entire blog post is worth reading, and it takes about 3 minutes, so click on the link and enjoy!
Have a happy holiday week.

The Spirit of Christmas

On this Christmas Eve,

May we remember that it is not how many presents are under the tree,

Or how many holiday cards we have received,

It is about the love in our hearts,

The warmth in our homes,

And feeling connected in a nourishing way to ourselves and those in the circles of our lives.

May your heart be filled with love, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness and joy today and …


Singing My Way to Christmas

Tonight I accepted a good friend’s offer to join her at the Kennedy Center for the free sing along of the Messiah (think Hallelujah Chorus) with an excellent orchestra and about 2,000 other people. It was magnificent. We sang our hearts out and I left feeling completely inspired. Plus, I got to meet interesting new people and saw two sets of neighbors on top of that!

I am entering the …


Sharing Sweet Moments With Family

This morning a client came through my door with this story. It was wonderful to share in her excitement and happiness.

“My heart is so full, Suzanne! You’ll never guess what happened this week – my brother called from New England and said he had woken up on Saturday with the feeling that he really wanted to come down for a visit this week. The house was a mess, but …


Life is FULL

Tonight, I am finding myself in a place of feeling completely full:

Full of the work that I love,
Full of the myriad of details that demand my attention every moment that I am not in the treatment room,
Full of love for the people around me,
Full of sensing my own needs and listening to them,
Full of trusting that I will supported in what I am doing until …


Feedback on Riding the Edge of Awareness

In response to yesterday’s blog post, several people commented to me that many feelings – emotions and certain body sensations are something they are not comfortable with. So how do I deal with and hold emotions of all kinds without becoming overwhelmed or paralyzed?

Well, it comes down to being able to feel my entire body. This means that whatever feelings I am experiencing are simply one part of a …


Riding the Edge of Awareness

As I committed myself last week to becoming more aware of what I was grateful for in my life, I noticed that I also became much more aware of when I was not feeling grateful. To be more specific, when I was feeling irritable, judgmental, or just plain overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do. Some people might say that having all these other feelings means that my commitment …


Gratitude Week Finale

As this week of gratitudes comes to a close I am feeling very full. This day is one of completions and all that entails. I just took my mom and my daughter to the airport and drove away feeling sad and happy all at once. It has been a wonderful visit for all of us and I am grateful yet again for family and life as it unfolds. This week …


Gratitude Poem

Gratitude for days filled with warm sunlight and clear blue skies,

Gratitude for hours of walking in that sunshine – sharing with my daughter and mother.

Gratitude for laughter over a game of cards with my son and my mom.

Gratitude for a warm fire on a cool, clear, dark of the moon night.

Gratitude for good music, good friends, good food and good times.

Gratitude for those in my …