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Intuition: Translating the Body’s Signals Accurately

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving my friend Leslie called her mom to tell her, “I’ll be driving down to your place on Wednesday morning, rather than tonight. I am just too tired to drive right now.”

The moment those words came out of her mouth she reported feeling a sinking sensation in her body, like she knew she was going to have a car accident.

This had happened years before in …


Unexpected Gifts

Just when I thought my weekend could not get any better….

Fritz Smith showed up to do his last open forum weekend conference at Esalen (he will be back to teach other courses). Fritz is a living legend among all of us in the bodywork world. He is almost 90 years old and is still teaching what he loves most, still being the incredible humble soul that he has always …


I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It

People are talking and emailing and texting me since the unveiling of the free event through The Shift Network a week ago.

This free event (which is now available to watch or listen for a limited time) is an hour of uncovering some gems from my new book, Reclaiming Your Body: Healing From Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom. 

Here’s some of what people are saying:

Congratulations, Suzanne on


Bones and Boundaries: Living Well in Tumultuous Times

This is me and a friend taking in “The Giant” at a recent workshop 

I am from the Washington, DC area where new toxic twitter feeds come out daily that rock people off their center. The world there feels very unsteady and tumultuous to most that I see on a daily basis.

How can we live in these times without feeling chronically depleted and hammered by the world around us? …


Love the One You’re With

Crosby, Stills Nash and Young had a whole different take on my title when they sang a song by the same name decades ago. It was one of my favorites then, and this phrase is one of my favorites still today.

Except that today “the one I am with” is myself – and more specifically – my body, mind and spirit.

Much has been done across the millennia to respect …


Honoring Our CST Lineage and Rebirth

I am here in Jupiter Beach Florida, having just attended the Celebration of Life for John Matthew Upledger – what an incredible gathering!

I got some time with John Matthew’s wife, Donna Upledger, on the beach two nights ago and let her know how much I appreciate who she is and her support of all of us. She and I go way back and we shared some sweet memories of …


Jack Canfield Just Plugged My Book!

In writing Reclaiming Your Body, I put my whole heart and soul into it. However, I know that does not necessarily mean that it will be successful and touch all the people I have dreamed about reaching in terms of healing and transformation.

When …


UPDATED AUDIO* Presence In Times of Joy and Grief

*Oops! The version of this post published May 29th included an incomplete recording of the interview with John Matthew Upledger. It’s not 12 minutes long – it’s a full 64 minutes! I’ve updated this post with the full interview. Enjoy!

Every Memorial Day, I give deep gratitude to all our military and those who support them. Although none of my direct family is military, I have a number of friends …


Bone Deep Clarity and Stillness Can Steady Us

The following is a moving and inspiring piece written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I loved it. And, I was heartened by her reference to what I call the wisdom of our bones. As you read notice how many times she speaks about how to remain clear and strong in stormy times by returning to our bones. More on that in Chapter 9 of my upcoming book, Reclaiming Your Body. So


Our Presence in Connection – and Longevity

What Colby Itkowitz at The Washington Post writes about this talk – and the talk itself – is right in line with all that has occurred in this last week in Iceland. This was sent to me by my long time friend, Kari Uman. We have sat in a circle of women together for 23 years.

VANCOUVER — Want to live longer, enjoy life more and actually find that