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Emilie Conrad’s Legacy

Early morning heavy grey skies,
earth soaked and shining in her wetness,
reflections on the lake, a muted silver streak
life rolls out a new day.

Preparing to teach
I reflect again on how much Emilie has given to me.

As I show the breath and movement
I will hear her beside me,
Feel her within my heart
and share with gratitude
the warmth of the experience.

“Whenever we do

Remembering Emilie Conrad 1934 – 2014

As I hold Emilie’s memory in my heart, I feel deep gratitude for what this woman gave me as a mentor. She was always generous with what she knew and how she shared it. She was a very private person and yet in certain moments able to share anything. She taught me beyond measure about fluid movement and the larger field of energy that we all exist within.

Here is …


Emilie Resting in Peace?

Are you familiar with the phrase, “May she rest in peace?” Well, I got to thinking this morning about whether Emilie would like that phrase spoken about her… and Carlos and I immediately agreed that she is probably on the other side laughing at us on that one.

Emilie Conrad was a rebel from her very beginnings. And, if I let myself, I can feel her on my shoulder as …


Gratitude for All the Support

In the wake of Emilie Conrad’s passing on Sunday evening, I have spent this week remembering her and offering ways that others can remember her and feel touched by her legacy as well. Today I am including several more short Youtube videos of her teaching here in Reston, VA.

But before I launch those, I need to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to me …


Dancing with Emilie

Memories of Emilie’s visits are flooding me this week. Some of those memories include my family since she was immersed in our lives for a week every year for almost two decades.

One year early on, we all got into a conversation sitting around our family room about Emilie’s Vaudville history and Haiti and all that is rhythmic. My husband Carlos is Cuban born and one of the loves we …


Early Mornings With Emilie

It is early morning and I am awakened by dreams of traveling in unknown lands without a map. I wake up feeling uneasy and a little anxious. Then I remember my lessons from a master of diving into the fluid unknown and it brings a smile to my face.

Every year for the last eighteen years (except last year when we traveled to London instead) Emilie stayed here in my …


A Standing Ovation for Emilie Conrad

    Emilie In London at the Breath of Life Conference May 2013

Emilie In London at the Breath of Life Conference May 2013

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Emilie Conrad passed away in her sleep on Sunday night. This week is dedicated to remembering her in my blog posts.

Today, I am remembering fondly and with awe, that Emilie received a standing ovation for her presentation at the Breath of Life Conference in London, last May. It was a wonderful …


Saying Goodbye to An Old Friend


You slipped out of your skin as you slept last night,
Right off your bones and into spirit you went,
Felt your presence all weekend before the final moment
and wondered what you were up to…

A wave of sadness washes over me
realizing I will never see you again,
No more sweet kisses on my cheek as we share a closing circle
passing the kiss from cheek to cheek …