Let the Day Breathe You

As I settle back in, here in Virginia, even with the glorious sunny weather, I am moving quite slowly (independent of my healing foot.) I find myself needing to touch, open, clear out and reorganize things around my house. I call it piddling around. It grounds me in some way I don’t really consciously understand. ... Read More

The Gifts of Imperfection

On the flight home from California last night I read Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. Many of my students have been telling me about the book saying things like, “Brene Brown has written about what we do in ... Read More

Grief is Not Too High a Price for Love

This time here at Esalen has felt quite rich in many ways and one of those ways was being here for the death and grieving process of a long standing community member Montgomery London. She died suddenly of a heart attack the morning I arrived. The thing that touched me first about her death was ... Read More

Letting in the Love – Reclaiming Our Innocence

As we bring our week here to a close, I am struck by the ways in which we as human beings can let in the love that is around us all the time. My main staff person this month, Chery Owens, wrote an exquisite piece on innocence and  the process of reclaiming it (more on ... Read More

Profound Simplicity

As we finish this week of Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries, Karen Axelrod and I are discussing the threads that helped weave the group together this week. The first thread was a readiness to heal that everyone brought to the table. There was an ease with which everyone entered their process. What resistance ... Read More

Life in the Esalen Lane

As I go through my final week here, I am cherishing my connections to this place. I thrive on the clear, cool air. I am fed deeply by the garden flowers of all scents, sizes and colors shining in the sunlight. The humming birds and monarchs are everywhere this year – dive bombing us with ... Read More

Gratitude for Healing From the Core

As this day draws to a close I am in awe of what has come through in this Healing From the Core workshop. Tonight at dinner with my staff member, Karen Axelrod, we talked about how the title and description of the workshop doesn’t do justice to the depth of healing that occurs. It was ... Read More

Thank Goodness for My Community

Today began beautifully. The Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries was off to a wonderful start. I slipped out at 11am to get the coloring utensils next door. On my way back to the room I turned my foot coming down a steep incline. I managed to make it back into the training room ... Read More

Staying in the Present in Times of Transition

“Suzanne, I need your help – I got rear ended several days ago and I cannot seem to shake it off. My neck and back are still in pain, even though it was not a high impact event. At the time I was rushing, late for a wedding, having gotten stuck in traffic.” With these ... Read More

Being Received Deeply

As my staff and I did our post class wrap up for the Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop, I realize one of the reasons why the week was so deeply satisfying for us is because the circle of women who participated this year were so open to receiving what we offered them. We all came ... Read More