Friends and Presence

This past weekend I got to spend time with two dear friends Kate Mackinnon and Lisa Carlton. We soaked in the mineral baths, ate excellent food (the food here at Esalen this summer is the best!) and drank good wine (thank you Kate and the Livermore wineries). We jumped in ... Read More

Esalen Presence on July 4th

I have discovered something interesting on this WWPT – whenever I get on an airplane and cross multiple time zones my energy presence gets thin…like it is stretched from wherever I just left, all the way to wherever I am going. Then I feel a little tired and just a bit disoriented for about 48 ... Read More

Final Gift from Sydney

Just want to finish up the blog series about the World Wide Presence Tour by sharing with you a fabulous street musician that we happened across during the last night of Sydney Vivid. The song before this one was SO exquisite that I knew I had to video him when ... Read More

Sydney Opera House Presence

My time in Sydney has been blessed with many amazing experiences – from the riveting and powerful play Saint Joan last Monday evening (thank you, Louise!), to the Sydney Opera House last night for the Song Keepers concert. The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir sang from their hearts – and it was a hauntingly beautiful sound. ... Read More

Sydney Vivid – Music and Lights Ignite Presence

Last night was the final evening of Sydney Vivid. I shared a meal and walked with my hosts here in Sydney – Shane Hill, his lovely wife Jenn and his wonderful daughter Jess – and what a night it was. Not only was I able to get a new lens on the Opera House from ... Read More

Sydney Vivid Contributes to WWPT

Two days ago I arrived in Sydney to continue my World Wide Presence Tour (and of course to share my gifts with students here next week.) I arrived earlier than originally planned, so that I could experience Sydney Vivid. Late that first afternoon I threw on my coat and walked across Sydney – from Surry ... Read More

Buddha’s Presence Adds to the WWPT

Today I was able (with the help of Sean and Denis – thanks guys!) to go visit the Tian Tan Buddha which is located at the end of a cable car ride into the mountains of Hong Kong in an area called Ngong Ping on Lantau Island. We climbed all the way up to the statue ... Read More

Full Body Presence in Hong Kong

What a lovely four days it has been with this marvelous group of students here in Hong Kong. A huge thank you to Alice Tsang and her staff for making this all possible. I feel as though the power of presence was well received here and I am grateful for my part in being able ... Read More

Hong Kong Delivers for the WWPT

Hong Kong is like the Manhattan of Asia. I feel as though I went from this urban, international city (Guangzhou) that is spread out across many, many miles, to a high density, high intensity city of tall buildings and many people. And yet, it feels quite intimate and more walkable in a way. Most of ... Read More