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Gratitude for LIFE

I am writing this blog in tears – tears of gratitude. My heart has been touched deeply by an email from a good friend. It was sent to all of us in his circle with the news that his cancer is in remission and he has an excellent prognosis.

I did not realize until this moment how I have been holding my breath metaphorically, as he has fought his way …


Gratitude for the Morning Light


This weekend has been full of many events, good food, family and friends. One of my favorite times in all the hubbub is the quiet of dawn. Sitting in the quiet, with a hot cup of tea cradled to my chest, watching the sun arrive. Today was spectacularly beautiful with the reds and pinks painted across the sky. I had to try and capture it for you. And, enjoy!


I am Grateful For…

I am grateful for family and friends to share a table
what matters in our lives
delicious food
and song.

I am grateful for time to relax
enjoy a walk
share stories
and laughter.

I am grateful for challenges met
my sister’s successful knee surgery
my daughter’s new job & apartment
my mom’s health and company.

I am grateful for love and abundance
for recognizing it all around me
being …


Gratitude is the Word

Gratitude AttitudeSomething happens to me at this time of year. I start to reflect on the entire year and my life in general and notice those things that make my heart open and fill up. There is a lot in our lives to be grateful for and most of the time it goes unnoticed – because our brains are wired for survival. We have to stay alive in order to feel …


Steps to Healing Trauma

The steps that truly, deeply heal trauma are simple, but have a profound positive effect on the nervous system of someone who has unresolved trauma. In my experience they are:

  1. Meet the person where they are. Don’t bring an agenda that says they have to be a certain way or act a certain way to be accepted and seen by you.
  2. Create healthy boundaries around the therapeutic relationship that work

Join me Monday morning for Ethics in Action

As you probably know from my recent posts on the topic of trauma, this week — through Sunday afternoon — I’m teaching an Advanced course in the HFC curriculum, From Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy. It’s both an intense and uplifting five days, where I share a tremendous amount of information with my students in a compact amount of time.

This coming Monday morning, I’m switching gears to teach Ethics


Neuroplasticity and PTSD

Today I would like to delve deeper into the brain and look at what we currently know about trauma recovery, PTSD and brain changes.

The amygdala and the dorsal anterior cingulated cortex are the areas of the brain where prior hyperarousal can predispose someone to PTSD after trauma. Both of these regions are involved in feeling and expressing fear, and both appear to be overactive in people with PTSD, even …


Can You Feel the Magic?

In this week of blog posts about the issues surrounding unresolved trauma, someone sent me this story. For me it highlights what gets lost when trauma is frozen in the body, and why we would want to help it melt and heal. The animal kingdom operates at such a primal level and calls us to recognize and return to that primal level of who we are – deepening our moment …


Trauma Recovery – Who Recovers and Why

A person receiving nurturing touchRecently, longitudinal studies have begun to show us how trauma is recorded in the brain and what it looks like in brain scans when trauma is unresolved.

Resilience and overall health seem to be major factors in our ability to heal from trauma. A sense of community, and healthy connections within a community, have a major impact on healing. Nurturing touch is also a major component of healing trauma.

I …


Redefining Trauma

After 9/11 and the extensive media coverage that followed, what became imminently clear was that trauma may imprint in the body of someone who helplessly watches horrific events occurring as well as those directly impacted by trauma. War veterans, and those living in war zones, have long known about this experience. The wall-to-wall 24-7 coverage of the events of 9/11 contributed to an immediate growth of the population of people …