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How Shame Can Keep Us From Ourselves

Although I never indulged in the craziness of the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1998, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth for her and her actions vis a vis President Clinton. So I was surprised by how moved I was by her TED.COM talk recently on the price of shame on the human psyche and on us as a culture. It was a very well thought out …


Inspiration Rises


Tomorrow morning I begin four days of teaching Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries. Right here in my own home town of Reston, VA. I get to sleep in my own bed. What more could I want?

I love this work of bringing people to who they truly are inside, as they shed the layers of who they thought they were supposed to be. Although we are, as Americans, …


Hugs are Good For Your Health



I am a HUGE fan of hugging in appropriate circumstances. Please note: the number of circumstances where I don’t hug gets smaller every day. My personal emails all end with “Hugs” sent to the recipient.

Throughout my life nurturing, healing touch has played a pivotal role in my health, my life’s work, and my overall sense of optimism and well-being.

So it made me smile BIG TIME to see …


Don’t Settle for A Spark-Light a Fire Instead

Twice today I found myself listening to someone telling me how they had been settling for crumbs all their life, and how ready they were now to step up to the banquet table instead.

The metaphors here are rich and it speaks to moving from living in a rabbit hole of what you have always been given – perhaps what feels familiar – and what you choose for yourself in …


On Being An Eagle and Eating Fish

Yesterday as I gazed out over lake Audubon a huge bald eagle flew over with a fish in it’s talons. To my delight it landed in my backyard on a tree branch and proceeded to eat it’s lunch. I was intrigued by what happened next.

Almost immediately the crows arrived, first one, then two, then three cawing and heckling the eagle.  I have often seen them heckle hawks, in the …


Remembering Sarah


Heart warm from the weight of her soft sleeping body

Tired arms from cradling her there all night

The hours of half moon darkness drift by

In and out of sleeping we go together

Slowly she lets go of the fear of the unknown

Relaxing into this mysterious process of dying

Trusting her connection to me

More as each moment passes

And I, being cracked wide open

With equal parts …