Monthly Archives: December 2014

Timing and Acceptance

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…kitchenchaos

…something resembling a kitchen… as the holidays are rapidly approaching…

I should be thankful for what is coming. I know this in my cognitive brain.
My heart should be feeling all the warmth of the upcoming kitchen that Carlos has so masterfully planned.
I am repeating to everyone I know, “My kitchen is going to be beautiful. I …


Kitchenless Repercussions

Going into week #3 of no kitchen…I think I may be hallucinating as the disorientation of not being able to find much of anything sets in…found myself hugging what appeared to be a reindeer in Cafesano tonight!



Shakti Gawain’s New Book

One of the angels who helped me get my book published through New World Library, Shakti Gawain, has recently come out with a new book on relationships. Her writing has touched thousands across the years and I have no doubt that this book will as well. Here is the information about it.

Countless psychologists and teachers, with a variety of perspectives and different types of wisdom, focus on helping people


Kitchens and the Spirit of Food

Two events have recently occurred that cross paths in my psyche – one is my friend and colleague, Richard Griffin (who gave his permission to share this) wrote a wonderful piece on his Facebook page about food and spirituality. It really touched my heart and fed my soul so I want to share it with all of you.


The second thing that is currently happening is that my kitchen is …