Monthly Archives: November 2014

Gratitude for Thanksgiving 2014

This day for me is about touching
the people I care about
with hugs, smiles, and words
that reflect and open my heart
even more than where I began
at dawn upon waking

This day for me is about touching
the people I care about
with food that nourishes us
with company that fills our hearts
with family and friends who are like family

May this day be all that …


Create Deep Connection in This Holiday Season

As I think about the upcoming holiday season, I want to set my intentions and my attention where my deepest Soul yearning is calling to me. The following article was forwarded to me by my good friend and colleague, Tamara Blossic. It says it all in terms of setting our priorities as we enter what is traditionally one of the busiest times of year.


The Thief of Intimacy, Busyness


Empower Your CranioSacral Practice – WOW!

Whenever I dive into a new endeavor, I always feel a little bit of trepidation – will it be well received? Is this kind of course really needed by this community? Will anyone show up? 

So much for that last question – the response has been huge and heart warming already.

Plus, our first monthly interview and Q & A discussion have now taken place and I must say – …