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When Passion is the Guide – JoAnne Dodgson

I found this exquisite piece of writing by JoAnne Dodgson in the most recent edition of the Wise Brain journal – it speaks so eloquently to the nature of existence, change and the power and passion of being in the flow of all of life. I loved her story about how she experienced her father’s passing, as I had a very similar experience with mine. She is offering a unique


Connecting With Emilie Conrad

I dreamed I saw Emilie last night,
As close as close can be,
She smiled and whispered in my ear,
And love was all I could see.

We walked a path along a stream,
Her presence was vibrant and glowing,
She told me things I wanted to know,
And the stream continued flowing.

She told me I could return there,
To that bright stream and to her presence,
To trust …


Slowing Down


Slowing down after three weeks of teaching is a conscious effort. It is interesting how quickly my body falls into the highly focused role of teaching and leading groups, and how I must – and this happens every time – make a clear choice to let it all go when it is done.

What do I mean by this? When I am teaching or leading something my energy field gets …


Deep Gratitude for Support This Summer at Esalen

As my three weeks here at Esalen come to a close, I find myself extremely grateful for the support teams who have shown up here and made my three classes of teaching flow with grace and ease.

For Healing the Pelvic Floor, I am deeply grateful to Chery Owens, Heather Hannam, Lori Chinitz, Sharon Sherman and Robin Burnside who seem to effortlessly hold the container for such deep healing …