Monthly Archives: July 2014

Esalen at Sunset


The last two weeks here at Esalen have been fabulous and full and relaxing and connecting. I also have had a lack of online availability at moments when my computer was in my presence – so a Blog Post Vacation of sorts has occurred.

Enjoy this sunset from last week and know that others are to follow. Each day here closes with a show of beauty from the sun. Then …


Gratitude – the Key to Happiness


At this time of year I am always immensely grateful for Esalen Institute – the land, the staff, the food, the mineral baths, the Pacific ocean, the bodywork staff, and the larger Spirit of the place. I have three wonderful upcoming classes there in the next three weeks and all I can say is that I feel deep gratitude for this life’s work I have been given.

One of my …


Shadow and Projection – Do You Welcome Them to the Party?

This is a great topic for anyone wanting to be more present in their lives with more of themselves on board. It also increases energy stores and can fuel compassion and joy like no other practice.

What am I speaking of? Owning and befriending your shadow sides – the stuff you most likely project out onto the world as bad, unacceptable and at times down right evil. It is not …


July 4th – A Holiday Worth Listening In On

Today is our Independence Day here in the United States and the ideals and principles our forefathers and mothers were fighting for were steeped in integrity and honoring of the human spirit. When I found this talk this morning, I realized Julian Treasure’s topic “How to Speak So People Want to Listen” is a worthy one to remember on this day of celebration, because we truly live in a …