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A New Normal After Trauma

I love teaching SomatoEmotional Release and this week it is right here in my proverbial backyard at the Reston Sheraton. We are about to step into the day where the art of dialogue and presence during someone’s healing process is about to unfold. This is a many faceted process and this day is rich with information.

In that spirit, I would like to add a recent blog post from Catherine …


Grief and Presence

Thank you goes out to my friend Cosper Scafidi, who sent me this excellent NYT op-ed piece by David Brooks about how to show up for people when they are grieving. This is a piece that I think everyone should read, as our culture definitely does not prepare us for how to support those who are grieving, particularly big losses.

Presence in a grieving person’s life has many facets and …


Martin Luther King and His True Legacy

As a white American who grew up in an integrated middle class neighborhood in Washington,  DC, in the 1950s, (I was in the minority in my elementary school and it never occurred to me that it was a problem) this blog post on what Martin Luther King actually accomplished made me really think. To be honest, it made me cry.

My friend, Isaye Barnwell who just retired from  Sweet Honey


I Choose a New Response

Coming home from the powerful Release and Renewal retreat this year in Sedona, I know without a doubt that I will continue to evolve and grow across the course of my entire life. My big “aha” and growth this year was in being able to slow down and let go of the automatic ways or reactions I have to habitual circumstances. Rather than getting irritated with certain habit patterns of …


Natures New Year’s Present

Late this afternoon, Mother Nature brought us some huge wet snow flakes to help us slow down and celebrate the new year with a walk in the crisp, cold air.


As the evening fell, the Lake Audubon became a fairy land.


Then came the lights and it became magical indeed. I don’t know what the roads will be like tomorrow, but I am enjoying it all tonight!


Thank you to …