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Nestling In and Breaking Free

I awoke today to rain, rain and more rain. From the early morning, all the way past lunchtime. Sheets of rain. Window fogging rain. Non-stop rain.

And I loved it. I nestled into my yurt, made tea with milk, and finished the article for Massage Magazine on how to work successfully with trauma survivors. I had a few phone sessions, checked in with my office and then someone called and …


The Energy of a Good Storm!

So my first day at Esalen was sunny and beautiful and then the weather shifted and turned it all upside down. What a magnificent storm has blown in here. Lots of waves and wind and the sun at the end of the day was magnificent. Here is a photo of the tail end of the sunset – wish I could have caught it around 4pm – it was dazzling.




Transitions and Control

So today is a lesson in letting go of control and riding whatever the universe brings my way – and it did not turn out too badly! (Which has been my experience in the past as well.) When I arrived in San Francisco, my phone informed me that my next flight to Monterey had been cancelled and yet my bags were still on their way (supposedly). I took the advice …


Morning Mist On Lake Audubon

What a magical morning mist! My daughter’s friend Niko is here from Germany with her and he took this fabulous shot of the lake early one morning this past week. Thought you all would enjoy this visual image that makes me take a deep slow breath and relax a few notches!

Morning Mist on Lake Audubon

Morning Mist on Lake Audubon


Birthday Message From My Mom

Today is my birthday and my mom is here. She has given me a reading from one of the wells of spiritual wisdom that she drinks from on a regular basis – the Unity Church Daily Word. Here is the reading for today – enjoy!

I freely express my divine nature.

Beyond the categories of nationality, race or religion, people are more similar than different. We all laugh and cry, …


Jean Houston – Today’s Brilliance

Today’s Brilliance™

Jean Houston

Jean is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time and a principal founder of the Human Potential Movement.

If I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I’ve learned so far in life, these are the important things I’d want to pass along to others…

On this day of my life I see clearly that we must explore and develop


More Gratitude

As this week unfolds I am feeling deep gratitude that both of my children are home. And that I have a home where I can gather with family and friends to eat and laugh and sing and generally have a wonderful time on Thanksgiving Day.


A Week of Gratitude

At this time of year I find my thoughts turning to those things that I am grateful for  – those people that have touched my heart in some way, those circumstances that have fed and nurtured me.

The workshop that we just completed is at the top of my list of gratitudes for this fall. The group that gathered was committed and cohesive and funny! We laughed, cried, held each …


Building Community

And so we begin – a wonderful large circle has gathered for this workshop here at Claymont and this first day is always about community building and laying the foundation for participants to feel safe to explore new territory.

Everyone has come together is some wonderful ways – a very diverse group and yet cohesive already.