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Natures Beauty Soothes the Soul

My friend and colleague Tamara Blossic sent me this LINK to a gorgeous video of the majesty of nature. Please take the four minutes to drink it in – after watching the ravages of Storm Sandy all over the television these past few days, it is nice to have something of exquisite beauty to feast your eyes on. Enjoy!


Riding the Waves

As the northeast coastline is being inundated by this huge storm, I am reflecting on how this week of events is washing through me. Water – this week is about the element of water in all of it’s many faces.

First there is the wetness of the grief of Dr. John’s passing in the early morning of October 26th. The waves of loss and gratitude have rippled throughout the CranioSacral …


Thank You Dr. John – Paradigm Shifter

What follows is excerpts from my talk at the international conference for CranioSacral therapy, Beyond the Dura in April 2012 . This is a wonderful story, so sit back and enjoy it. We are dealing with a huge storm here in the Washington D.C. area so I do not know if I will have power to blog for the next couple of days!

My journey with Dr. John began in


On the Passing of Dr. John Upledger

Early yesterday morning as I prepared for the wonderful annual collaboration with Emilie Conrad, I received the news that Dr. John had died. It was not unexpected, and yet I felt a deep wave of sadness wash over me for the loss to the planet in his leaving. His footprint, his impact on the healthcare world is so huge that it would take days of blogging to write it all. …


Waves Of Consciousness Starts Tomorrow

This month, which has been so full for me,  is completing with Waves of Consciousness II – Touch and Presence: Creating Resilience.  This is the  last time Emilie Conrad will be traveling here to Reston for our wonderful collaborations in combining Continuum movement with CranioSacral touch and presence. From here on out, I will be traveling to Santa Monica, CA once per year to work with her there.


I …


New Online Classes Coming!

I have just completed filming two online classes through, located in Dallas, Texas. What a wonderful group of people to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed the way they put everything together in such a professional manner. I also learned something about myself. I have learned that one of the things that gives me the most pleasure when I teach is the interactions with the students and participants. Without that …


Life Rushing By

When life feels like it is rushing by
I fix myself a cup of tea with milk
Snuggle in on the couch
And let my mind wander
Until it returns home to me.

I know it is home
And that I have caught up with me
When I can feel that sigh
Arising from deep within my chest
And the internal chatter slows to a halt.

In those moments
I …


For Women Everywhere – When the Time Comes to Say “No More”

When the time comes to say, “No more”
To those in your life who have pushed you around,
Who have tried to tell  you what you should do,
Or what is right for your own body,

Then you will know it and the words will come
Rushing out of your mouth and
You will hardly recognize your voice
But out they will come to the surprise of
Everyone, but particularly …


Winds of Change

As I took my walk this morning, and rounded the end of the lake, I felt a gentle wind starting that filled my lungs and gave me a renewed sense of energy. I heard the words, “winds of change” and felt a smile coming on. The storm systems were coming in and throughout the day today we had many downpours followed by crystal clear sunlight breaking through. As the day …


Are You Educated About Genetically Modified Foods?

Today is one of hopefully expanding the perceptual lens of my readers where genetically modified foods are concerned. In the New York Times there is an excellent article by Michael Pollen about where we stand on the “Food Movement” as he calls it. Click on this LINK and take a look at what he has to say. It is thought provoking and relevant to all of us. And the tide …