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The Answers Lie Within

I read a great quote today, sent to me by my friend Heather Hannam.

“Stop looking for the answers from strangers. The answers to your life are within you. Only you know what makes your heart feel at home. Only you can hear your inner voice. The key is in asking the right questions.”

C. Nordyke


Breaking News About Sugar

I watched this 60 Minutes TV show a while back and was very impressed with it. When my colleague Eduardo Cortina sent the 15 minute cut from the show to me last week I thought it was more than important to pass along to all of you. I know I have been drastically cutting down on my sugar intake since watching it. There is something about having the actual research …


Listening to the Body

As this week grows to a close, I am touched by the way that the Universe speaks to us and teaches us about connection. As we went around the closing circle this morning, it was a joy to see the light in the eyes of the women gathered there. Their stories are so rich and varied – it was interesting to remember back to last Friday evening when we began. …


There Cannot Be Too Many Glorious Women

The power and joy of connecting at a heart and soul level in a group of women really came home to me today as we enter our final day of this magnificent week with this circle of powerful women. Over and over again I hear the words of Marianne Williamson from “A Woman’s Worth”.

“We must not fail to learn from the lessons of the women who share their bounty


On Needing to Be Right

Today we were playing with how needing to be right cripples us. The following quotes really say it all.

“Do you want to be right? Or, do you want to be happy, connected to others and have deep intimacy?”

And, ” Being right is the booby prize of life.”


Women Caring For Each Other

On day four of this wonderful workshop, after our women’s healing ceremony, I was honored to witness this sacred ritual of women caring for other women so sweetly and powerfully. One participant shared the following words,

“All these years I have been to doctor after doctor, and all I really needed was to be in a circle of  loving, powerful women – I have received such incredible healing at all …


Are You Ready to Find Your Inner Healer?

As this amazing workshop for women unfolds this week, we are exploring how to make contact with our inner healer and transform trauma into healed moments. In the spectacular beauty of the Esalen community this process is supported because of the infrastructure and staff . My good friend and colleague Chery Owens told me how she would create this infrastructure, elsewhere outside of space like this.  What follows are her …


Great Visual for Being in the Present Moment

As we begin our week of Healing the Pelvic Floor for women, the topic was about how to be more in the present moment in order for healing to take place. My colleague Heather Hannam shared the most hilarious and slightly crass quote today about this whole subject. I feel compelled to share it with all of you!

“If you have one foot in yesterday, and one foot in tomorrow, …


Healing the Pelvic Floor: Reclaiming Your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential

Tonight begins our week of healing, growing and celebrating with more than 30 women at Esalen Institute. I just want to express my deep gratitude to Esalen for supporting this important, life-changing work that takes place there every year. The unique beauty of the place, the exquisite food, the nurturing bodywork staff, the mineral baths, the gardens, and the gentle atmosphere that is created all support our work in so …


Heading to Esalen for An Exciting Women’s Gathering

Tomorrow we head down the coast to Esalen for the wonderful workshop for women, Healing the Pelvic Floor: Reclaiming Your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential. We have expanded it to seven days this year and there are many new additions that will deepen this already invaluable time together. The staff of five dedicated, talented women who make this workshop possible every year will be gathering with me early on …