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Deeper Embodiment Brings Many Benefits

As this workshop unfolds, I am excited and encouraged to see how transformation and change is occurring in all of us as the skills of full body presence are practiced and received by others. The next two days are about discovering the deep wisdom of our bodies and how different areas hold unique kinds of intelligence or knowing. Thank you to everyone who has shown up for your courage and …


The Rhythm of Contact and Withdrawal

As I travel with others, I sometimes have guest writers contribute to my blog. Today our guest is Deb Schneider-Murphy, a Healing From the Core Presenter, a somatic psychotherapist and a practicing CranioSacral therapist from Columbus, Ohio.

“Deer are a frequent occurrence here at Claymont Court. I noticed the patters of the deer trails, diverge and converge. Because they are social animals, they seek one another’s company for safety. …


Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications II

As we begin our journey together for the rest of this week here at Claymont Court, I remember something that Dr. Joel Ying had to say about this training several years ago. I share it with you now.

As I prepare to return to HFAE II, this time as a Teaching Assistant, I remember how life changing this workshop was for me the first time through. It was a


Ann Randolph is Performing Tonight!

My friend Ann Randolph is performing at the Arena Stage tonight doing her one woman show “Loveland”. I know she is going to be fabulous and I am really excited to be able to share this wonderful show with so many others. I hope that Molly Smith decides to bring her back for a run here at the Arena so that others can also experience her incredible talent!



More on Creativity and Brainstorming

As promised, here is the link to the interview Krista Tippet did with neuroscientist Rex Jung, discussing brainstorming and creative output. The interview started from an article in the New Yorker last January on what conditions create the most productive brainstorming. The article debunks the traditional thought that letting creative ideas fly in a group circumstance without any judgment or debate is most productive. It goes on to discuss what…


Understanding and Nourishing Creativity

Fascinating conversations are happening these days on creativity and neuroplasticity. Here is a short talk from a panel discussion “Beautiful Minds: The Creative Brain Across Time and Cultures” from the World Science Festival. Intriguing discussion and thoughts. Listen and decide for yourself.

I will have more in my blog on Monday about Rex Jung and his upcoming interview from American Public Media’s “On Being” with Krista Tippett. We truly live …


The Magic of Sleep

My good friend and colleague, Tamara Blossic, just sent me this short talk by Arianna Huffington on sleep. Those of you who know me well, know that I preach about the importance of good sleep all the time. It is SO vital to our health and creativity – and she speaks about it so humorously that you don’t notice that she is telling you what to do.

So click


The Lake at Night

Walking at  twilight,
Forest sounds are muted,
Ahead I hear a symphony warming up to play,
Coming around the curve to the lake,
I hear them all – one by one.

Low calls of the bull frogs,
High calls of the peepers,
Something else in the middle,
Filling in the resonant space.

Held in the cradle of nature,
Sounds filling my senses,
My foot falls adding the rhythm,
I come …


Daily Practices Pay Off

I have a number of daily practices that I am committed to – as firmly as I can. One of them is walking, and I try to walk at least 20 minutes per day. Some days I can only get in a brisk walk for that 20 minutes. Other days two hours. Some days I am sweaty and sticky and it is not much fun. Other days I am freezing …