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Crossing the Threshold of the Year

Ushering out 2011,
Welcoming in 2012,
A threshold moment,
A time of honoring what has gone before,
Releasing what is done and gone,
Cleaning out and forgiving,
Emotions, thoughts, actions and goals.

Reaching deep within,
Finding the yearning,
Soft or hard places,
Painful or joyous,
Places that whisper or shout,
Over here – come in this direction,

Quiet and listening,
Slowing down inside,
Walking and sharing,
Spoken dreams being witnessed,…


More Dreams and Fewer Goals

This period every year is a wonderful time for assessing your life and your accomplishments. Here are some of the questions I ask myself:
Am I on track for what I set out to do this year?
What did, and did not work the way I planned it, and why?
What do I want to let go of so I can move into the new year less encumbered with the …


When Thoughts Won’t Stop

As promised, today’s blog post is about how to stop your thoughts from keeping you awake at night. This is something that can happen occasionally, when a major life issue is burning brightly, or it can be a regular occurrence.

In either case the most effective tool I have found is to empty my mind. And the primary way I do this is to write it all down so I …


Sleep…the Universal Healer

My blog post yesterday about losing sleep and almost losing my mind seems to have hit a nerve. I have received several emails today and had clients come in sharing about similar experiences.

It is interesting how quickly we take a good night’s rest for granted  – until it is no longer there. For those of us who generally sleep well this “take it for granted” thing is much more …


When Stress Happens

Had a interesting night last night. Due to a series of events beyond my control, I was unable to sleep for most of the night and I found myself this morning feeling a little ragged, definitely not energized (the way I normally feel after a good night’s sleep), and edgy. What do I mean by edgy?  I mean that my nervous system was on red alert – not a state …


Message of Christmas

Thank you to my friend and colleague Cari Rowan for sending me this wonderful story about how one mother turned the perennial question, “Does Santa really exist?” into an opportunity for a great life lesson. I loved it.

Her entire blog post is worth reading, and it takes about 3 minutes, so click on the link and enjoy!
Have a happy holiday week.

The Spirit of Christmas

On this Christmas Eve,

May we remember that it is not how many presents are under the tree,

Or how many holiday cards we have received,

It is about the love in our hearts,

The warmth in our homes,

And feeling connected in a nourishing way to ourselves and those in the circles of our lives.

May your heart be filled with love, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness and joy today and …


Singing My Way to Christmas

Tonight I accepted a good friend’s offer to join her at the Kennedy Center for the free sing along of the Messiah (think Hallelujah Chorus) with an excellent orchestra and about 2,000 other people. It was magnificent. We sang our hearts out and I left feeling completely inspired. Plus, I got to meet interesting new people and saw two sets of neighbors on top of that!

I am entering the …


Sharing Sweet Moments With Family

This morning a client came through my door with this story. It was wonderful to share in her excitement and happiness.

“My heart is so full, Suzanne! You’ll never guess what happened this week – my brother called from New England and said he had woken up on Saturday with the feeling that he really wanted to come down for a visit this week. The house was a mess, but …