Suzanne Scurlock

I have been in private practice for nearly 40 years helping people heal, grow and thrive through in-person and distance consultations. My sessions offer a synthesis of advanced CranioSacral therapy and energy healing. In 2015, I added Quantum Scalar Wave cold laser therapy and BioMat therapy as an option to enhance our work together.

My specialty is knowing how to translate the signals offered to you from the deep wisdom of your body. I hold space for you to listen and respond at a pace that works for you. This unique approach allows you to more easily access and tap the inner resources already available within you.

People often tell me that in sessions with me they find clarity about what feels foggy, unmanageable, or unhealable within themselves or their lives.

Then we work together to optimize their physical and emotional environment, creating a more healing and integrated flow. 

We may engage with the actual structures in your body as well as emotions and thoughts that limit or disempower you. 

Sometimes it means dialoguing with your cells or organ systems - to initiate your inner self-healing capacities. 

Sometimes it means helping you shift how you perceive something and thereby regaining your power around that circumstance. This may mean learning how to have a healthier boundary in relation to a certain person or circumstance This returns you to a sense of your own innate worth at a soul level. 

I work with lineage trauma, energetic cord cutting, and healing at a DNA level.

I have effectively worked with clients pre-and post-surgery to optimize the outcome.

I have successfully helped women prepare for conception and a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

I have facilitated people in dying with dignity and a sense of peace, as well as supporting their caregivers in maintaining their own health through this often challenging and exhausting process.

I have effectively worked with chronic health challenges and auto-immune issues - to provide better quality of life for these clients; and to slow down or halt the progression of the auto-immune condition. 

I do my best to offer the energy of Love and compassion into every session. 

If you feel called to take the next step in your healing journey, I invite you to schedule a short consult with me. Scroll down for further details.

Photo: Suzanne stands ankle-deep in a creek in late summer, arms out to her sides and smiling joyfully toward the sky.

License Number : 0019000778

Commonwealth of Virginia
Reston, Virginia 20191

tel. 703 620-4509 (day)
fax. 703 620-4504

Fees: $265.00 per Consultation (50 minutes) in-person, via phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Hours of Operation: 9am-12noon Eastern time, Tuesday-Friday.

If you are new to Suzanne's practice and would like to schedule a private session, please fill out the form below. She will contact you and do a brief consult to assess your therapeutic fit in her practice.