“Sometimes we have travel to the edge of ourselves to find our center”

“Sometimes we have travel to the edge of ourselves to find our center.” This quote comes from Buck Ghosthorse and I think it is most appropriate right now for myself as well some others in my close circle.

This journey down the west coast – being hosted and cared for in a new place every night – has taken me out to the edge of my normal routine and has opened my perceptual lens in a wonderful way. I have had to let go of the control of things I normally am responsible for and in return I am being given support and gifts unlooked for at all.

From the lovely small town home of my friends on Vancouver Island, to dining at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, to the sweet studio apartment of my friend in the Presidio of San Francisco overlooking the water, each step of the way seems somehow to be choreographed by some greater hand that knows what is needed in each present moment.

I have had many wonderful heart opening conversations about joys as well as difficulties in the lives of those who are guiding me. A good friend, Tamara Blossic, has arrived and we will be driving down the coast together today. I look forward to many hours of sharing what matters most and what we are needing support around.

As I mentioned yesterday, being in a totally new environment that changes each day, allows me to drink in the beauty and find my own ground, my own center in new way in each moment. It is delightful and challenging and I love it!


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