November 2020 Newsletter

Prayer for Post-Election Healing

From Dr. Joel Ying

I call upon the resources deep within this nation — the yearning that is in every heart to be free.

May the right hand and the left hand see that they are of one body, one beating heart.

May we face the reality that we must find a way to live together as families, communities, one nation.

Two hands reaching palms up in silhouette against a sunset

I call upon those elected into power to step up to represent liberty and justice for all.

May we remember the stories that birthed this nation and honor the new stories.

May we learn to listen to each other with open minds and hearts.

May we learn to respect the opinions of others even as we demand respect for our own.

May we agree that we do not need to agree, but that we are one nation.

May we transform to meet the future and vision a new way of being together, even if we do not know what that is yet.

May we find peace.

May we learn the power of words to heal, not just harm.

May the wounds of fear and anger not turn into scars of hardened hearts.

May the intoxication of joy be tempered by recognizing the cycles of power.

May the grief of what has been lost remind us of what it is we are yearning for.

I call upon a country to come together and discover that what we can do together is much more than what we can do divided.

May we take this truth into our daily lives.

May this path forward protect this nation and leave our children a legacy that we can be proud of.

I call upon the left hand and right hand to come together in prayer, meeting in a place where we can live together, where healing can begin.

May this be our United States of America, land of the free, and home of the brave.

Joel Ying, MD, is a Physician-Educator-Storyteller who integrates modern medicine with a wide range of holistic and integrative models of healing. He is also Co-Instructor of our annual Release & Renewal New Year Retreat.