May 2019 Newsletter

Ancient Wisdom in Practice

Years ago I noticed an unusual pattern showing up in my treatment room.

It started one Spring when a number of my clients were complaining of similar symptoms.

But it wasn’t hay fever. Or asthma. Or even the common cold.

What was it?

You might guess if I tell you it’s associated with the ancient knowledge of 5-Element Chinese Medicine.

This particular system puts an emphasis on the seasons and their associations with 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood.

As it turns out, Spring is the season of Wood — and the stress emotion of anger.

And when that anger is turned inward?

It often presents as depression.

That’s just a peek into the clarity that comes when you understand the relationship between the seasons, the elements and us.

When I first understood this, I also recognized Spring as a wonderful time — as long as all your systems are in balance — for making fresh plans you’ll carry out through the rest of the year.

This is the time of year when our energy rises, much like the sap rises in the trees.

Yet what happens when that energy is blocked or thwarted by trauma, environmental conditions or stress?

Irritation levels rise, which can then lead to anxiety or depression.

Now when I notice my own irritation in the Spring, I recognize it as a signal to stop and do my own healing work.

I need to get a good CST session. Or journal about the issue at hand. Or get some kind of release work that will harmonize my meridian system.

As you move through a change of season, notice what shows up in your body — and in your clients.

My suggestion: Google 5-Element Chinese Medicine.

Find out what’s likely to present with the element of Fire in the Summer.

The element of Earth in Late Summer.

The element of Metal in the Autumn.

And the element of Water in the Winter.

It’s a fun and productive way of using ancient wisdom for powerful results in your practice.


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