July 2021 Newsletter

Priming the Deep Well of Your Heart

The heart is the home of compassion. Are you using yours to its fullest?

When I work with clients in the helping professions, their genuine concern for others is clear.

Yet when I sit with them long enough, I often discover they’re a lot better at giving than receiving.

Are you a healer, counselor, coach or caregiver? Then the part of your heart you radiate love from probably feels warm and wide open.

But you likely have less awareness of the back of your heart: the space of self-nurturing and rejuvenation.

Beautiful african woman in orange sweater with eyes closed and hands on heart, expressing love and health concept, outdoors.

This is the deep well that feeds the rest of your heart. And like any well, when it’s not primed and replenished, it runs dry. And burnout starts to take hold.

The front of the heart — the part you share with the world — needs to be connected to the deeper well in the back in order to survive and thrive.

This means self-care is mandatory, not optional.

The problem is, many of us have been taught to ignore our needs as we focus on others.

As much as we’d like to believe that’s being generous, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Now is the time to turn this paradigm around — and treat your own heart as a resource by extending compassion to yourself first before helping those in need around you.

Only then will you have the energy to care so deeply for others without burning out.

Explore the Wisdom of Your Heart

Begin by taking a baseline of your inner awareness without trying to change anything.

Allow the soles of your feet to rest fully on the floor, eyes closed or semi-closed.

As you settle in, following your breath.

Be curious about the temperature of the air as it enters your nostrils and fills your lungs.

Notice the rise and fall of your chest and back as you breathe normally.

Next, allow your awareness to travel to your heart. And drop in as deeply as is comfortable.

What sensations show up here?

Does it feel warm or cool?

Does it feel like a particular color?

Is there a hum or a pulse?

The heart is well known as the home of love and compassion …

Yet when you travel within to an even more profound level, you’ll discover the heart is the wisdom keeper of our deepest inspirations.

It keeps our inner fire burning.

What inspires you most in your life right now?

What lights up your days and energizes you?

Feel where it resides in your heart.

What is the sensation of it? What images arise?

You might be inspired by a project you’re involved with …

Or your own healing process …

Or raising a family …

Or creating something new and exciting.

Whatever it is, allow yourself to notice what it feels like in your heart as you breathe into this inspiration in your life right now.

When you’re ready, allow this energy of inspiration to rest deeply into the back area of your heart, filling and priming the well.

Loving and honoring who you are in this moment.

To embody even more fully here, breathe in and feel the sensation of your backbone behind your heart resting into whatever is supporting you right now.

Check to make sure your back support is good.

And adjust it if you need to so you can rest back into your deep heart and your spine.

Now as you breathe, allow your awareness to drop down your spine and into your torso under your heart area …

And on down with each breath into your belly …

Your sitting bones …

And on down your legs and into your feet …

And on into that safe, rich, unconditional resource beneath us: the earth.

Once you’ve made this connection, breathe in through the bottoms of your feet whatever sensation would nourish you best in this moment.

Simply notice the temperature, color, texture of it as you welcome it, with each inhale, into your feet … your legs … your torso … forming a cushion of support for your heart … with a steady connection of energy flowing between the earth and your heart.

Your heart is being cradled by this rich energy source all the time when you’re fully embodied and connected to the resources around you.

Let your heart receive whatever it needs and wants in this moment from this rich flow of energy … soaking it in effortlessly … filling it from the deepest parts all the way to the surface.

As it fills, allow this energy of love and inspiration to expand out into the rest of your chest … and from there down your arms and into your fingers.

All the acupuncture meridians of the heart reach into the fingers.

This is how we show others the love in our hearts: by hugging someone or reaching out and touching them.

As your hands and arms fill, let them reconnect back into your heart by holding and cradling your own heart, completing the circuit.

Then allow your heart’s flow to expand up into your throat and neck … awakening and nourishing your true voice as your throat softens and relaxes.

Finally, to complete your journey, allow this river of nourishing sensation to connect into your head, your face, your brain … awakening all the circuitry here for an integrated, coherent heart-brain intelligence — a connection that’s fundamental to deeper consciousness.

As your cranium fills and overflows, allow your crown to open, connecting you to the heavens and completing this wonderful journey.

And enjoy!

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Suzanne Scurlock