January 2020 Newsletter

Gratitude First

As I look out on the rose colored sunrise, with its reflection over the calm, peaceful lake… I think about this new year and new decade that is here before us.

And before I dive into anything else… I consider gratitude first, because it always fills my energy reservoir and the world looks brighter and fuller when I remember to do this. So here it goes from the ground up.

Directly under my wings and in my heart live my children – Alieza and Aren and their partners, Haley and Sierra. I celebrate their victories, reach out when they are challenged and ask for help, and hold them dear to me. I have gratitude to Carlos, the father of my children for birthing them with me.

Person with arms up on a rocky beach at sunrise

And while we are on the family lineage I am so grateful for my sister Debbie and her family as well as my healthy 90 year old mother shining their love light on everything I do. Your love means the world to me.

I am eternally grateful to my admin staff in the past year (Christy, Lynn, Elizabeth, Sharon and more recently Hayley and Kai) for physically manifesting this Soul work I am so inspired by. I can only do what I do because each of you makes it possible.

Next is the inner circle of people who have joined me on this “heal the soul and come home to ourselves” journey. Many of them have committed themselves, as I have, to facilitating the healing process for those around them as well as the planet.

This fluid, ever growing circle of people is near and dear to my heart. You all come and go, year after year to collaborate, play, and create together and I am deeply fed by this process. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Then there are my friends, close to home and far away (you know who you are)… as we reach out and touch each other’s hearts and souls no matter how long it has been since we last spoke. Sending photos, asking for help, sharing our ups and downs, and crying and laughing together on this uncertain yet synchronistic journey called life. I am so blessed to have such a circle and I love you all.

Spreading out to the broader scope of my life, I am grateful to my colleagues and friends and support staff at The Upledger Institute International, The Esalen Institute, The Shift Network, New World Library Publishing and Kripalu for supporting me in taking my gifts into the world.

These organizations are giving back to the planet in such a powerful, positive way and I am honored to be a part of their mission and their goal to make the world a better, kinder place.

And coming in closer as I write all of this, I am grateful to my home and the beauty surrounding me, as well as the warmth of my neighborhood and the people that make it such a safe place to create and grow within.

My life has held so many lessons for me this past year and I am grateful for all of them… the hard ones as well as the lessons that left me feeling drenched in love and joy.

Having felt this gratitude deep into the very cells of who I am… I begin my year full and ready to create more on my Soul Path. I wish this for each of you as well.

May we all keep our feet on the ground… have the clarity of knowing who we are deep in our bones… with our power onboard… trusting our gut instincts… and opening to the inspiration in our hearts as we plan the next year and into the next decade.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey. Hope to connect with you soon!


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Suzanne Scurlock