February 2021 Newsletter

Light Up Self Love for Good Health

February in the United States is traditionally all about love.

But it’s hard to stay light-hearted if you’re struggling like so many people are right now.

• Maybe you’re quarantined and feeling lonely.

• Or you’re fearful about becoming ill.

• Or you’re devastated by the loss of a loved one.

A woman, outdoors in a blue shirt, hugs herself with eyes closed and smiling

• Or you’re anxious about the state of the world.

• Or perhaps the slowdown is causing you to rethink your life. And now you’re uncertain about what you’re capable of achieving in these challenging times.

If you find yourself wishing things could be different, be gentle with yourself. That’s a place that’s easy to get lost in.

Yet in these times of stress and isolation, I believe focusing on self-love — rather than pining for the lives we left behind — creates the most tangible benefits.

And they aren’t in your head.

Research consistently shows a direct link between happiness and good health. Even improvements in your immune system.

So if you’re having trouble finding something to love about yourself in these trying times, play with this enlightening exercise …

Find some quiet time to be alone. Light a candle. Put on some soft instrumental music if you’d like …

And have an intimate conversation with your body’s 6 Wisdom Areas.

Ask each area the following questions. Then journal the first thing that pops into your mind — whether you see it, hear it, feel it, or simply know it to be true.

Ask Your Heart: “What sets you on fire and gets you out of bed each day?”

Ask Your Gut: “What feels right on — or really off — that could steer me wisely today?”

Ask Your Pelvis: “What would give you the energy to help me manifest my deepest inspirations?”

Ask Your Legs and Feet: “What do you need to feel grounded and balanced in these tender times?”

Ask Your Bones: “What steadies you so you can help me clear my thoughts?”

Ask Your Integrated Brain: “What plans do you want to make with all of this information to strategize for my future?”

Keep writing until you feel a sense of peace or expansion in your body.

And if you don’t get a positive answer right away?

Keep asking the questions until you do.

Then give yourself permission to follow the messages you receive …

Because they’ll all lead you back home to YOU.


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Suzanne Scurlock