Dale Kressley (Uwchland, PA)

Dale Kressley in a blue shirt smiles to the camera as he rests his face on his left hand.
Double DHFC HFC Master Practitioner Emblems

Dale Kressley has assisted with many Healing From the Core® classes. Because of his education and proficiency as a teacher and coach of high school and middle school students, he is well versed in how people develop, learn, and grow.

He holds a Master’s Equivalency degree in Education and has trained in Reiki and Polarity.

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His experiences as as a Lt. Colonel and navigator in the Air Force, as well as a U. S. Air Force Academy Admissions Liaison Officer, have developed within him the necessary discipline to gain knowledge in a new field.

He brings a grounded, loving, gentle, compassionate, supportive, and sound male energy to life and relationships.

Dale currently resides in Chester County, PA. Email Dale