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Healing From the Core Series ~ Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

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This audio is a complete excerpt of Session #2 from the Comprehensive 10-session series Healing From the Core: A Journey Home to Ourselves – with three Full Body Presence Audio Explorations, each read by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana. It is particularly useful for those who desire more grounding & filling exercises to complement their copy of Full Body Presence. If you would like to take your practice to an advanced level, we recommend the comprehensive series.

The 40-minute session is the cornerstone of the Comprehensive series. It takes you deep into the energy field within the body, and gives you the tools, knowledge, sensory cues and imagery to build or enhance your own energy field. The second and third segments of this session are meant to be used once the longer exploration feels comfortable. The two shorter explorations (#2 – 17 minutes, #3 – 10 minutes) give you more concise exercises in order to be practical and useful on a daily basis.
CD and MP3 Download: 5 tracks, 74 minutes.