April 2018 Newsletter

Rebirth – Renewal – Re-Blossoming – Spring!

Last week it snowed — despite the first day of Spring.

Big wet flakes wrapped all the new buds. And a soft white blanket covered the dark red tips of my peony bushes, which had just emerged from the earth.

Fortunately it melted quickly. Yet it reminded me that life often throws us curve balls when we expect something else.

Spring is the time of year when our energy naturally surges up from deep within. Creative projects abound as a quickening happens within us … just as it happens around us in nature.

I’m noticing there is lightness in my step. Even my productivity has soared.

Yet when circumstances stymie this natural surge, frustration and even anger often erupts.

In Chinese medicine, Spring is the season of the element of wood. And anger often comes bubbling up when the free flow of energy within us is dammed up mentally, emotionally or physically.

So if you’re expecting people to act a certain way and they don’t, it may be more difficult at this time of year to be patient and understanding.

Indeed, expectations at any time of year can ruin a perfectly good event.

Personally, if I feel the need to control every aspect of my existence, it’s a set up for disappointment.

Yet if you’re aware of what you’re expecting, you can choose to let it go. Then you can ride the surge of what is actually happening to its natural conclusion.

So take a moment right now and notice how you’re feeling.

Ask yourself whether you’re flowing with the natural surge of this time of year. Or whether you’re frustrated. And maybe even a bit irritable.

Then notice how you can make a different choice.

Then let go of your expectations. And get back into the flow of this fruitful season.


Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature