Movement is Happiness

Yesterday Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries  began here in Reston as well as in Ottawa Canada (thank you, Lori Chinitz for teaching this one). This workshop is such a valuable skill builder in the power of simply being present in each moment of our lives. The list of benefits grows as more and more people contact me with how the quality of their lives has improved as they embody the practices we teach here.

Today, on the second day of the class, we explore the five principles of Full Body Presence, how our inner resistance can sabotage us and how to not let that happen, and how to transform and integrate the tight, painful places within that keep us from the joy of being alive. At the end of the day we come to movement – allowing ourselves to explore the happiness that comes from movement initiated from within (thank you Emilie Conrad for all your years of mentoring me.)

And in true synchronistic fashion, today in my inbox came a link from Deepak Chopra about movement and happiness. A young man named Danny Batimana has created a delightful dance movement (Happiness is Now) that he teaches to young people to help them find their passion in life. Now, I love movement of all kinds  – so this helped me to start my day off right, while anticipating the additional movement to come this afternoon in class.

Here is the video.   And, enjoy!


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