Join me Monday morning for Ethics in Action

As you probably know from my recent posts on the topic of trauma, this week — through Sunday afternoon — I’m teaching an Advanced course in the HFC curriculum, From Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy. It’s both an intense and uplifting five days, where I share a tremendous amount of information with my students in a compact amount of time.

This coming Monday morning, I’m switching gears to teach Ethics in Action to an audience of hands-on therapists from around the world as part of the two-day Fall session of the World Massage Conference!

…Right now, you might be asking How can she possibly do both? It’s a valid question. Not that long ago, to teach to a group at a rural retreat center in West Virginia one day, and give a large presentation the next, there’d have been a plane trip involved, or at the very least, a hectic car ride and a short night in between!

Such is the opportunity the World Massage Conference affords us. For years, the WMC has been taking advantage the Internet, to the benefit of both students and teachers of hands-on therapy. I’ll be enjoying Monday morning, and teaching Monday morning, from the comfort of my own home, and you can join me from the coziness of your home or office!

Ethics in Action at the WMC, Nov. 16 at 10:30AM

Ethics in Action at the World Massage Conference

Healthy boundaries with clients are essential and help us recognize ethical and non-ethical feelings, tendencies and behaviors in the treatment room. The skills of full body presence will enhance your boundary awareness and help you develop the tools necessary to be grounded, and energetically full. You’ll discover how permeable, semi-permeable and rigid boundaries are necessary for dealing effectively with the intimacy of the therapeutic connection in bodywork and enable you to maintain ethical professional relationships.

WHERE: Anywhere you can log in!
WHEN: The WMC has presentations Sunday and Monday November 15-16, and my presentation is on the 16th at 10:30AM Eastern time.
WHO: Myself, and many other knowledgeable, talented therapists and presenters!
WHAT: An informative presentation and live Q&A — plus many, many other online presentations to choose from, on topics pertinent to professions in hands-on therapy.
WHAT ABOUT CE UNITS? Certificates on completion for CE reporting now included in your registration at no extra cost! (Learn more about the Conference and CE eligibility.)

Get registered today. I look forward to seeing you there.

And, Enjoy!


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