I Choose a New Response

Coming home from the powerful Release and Renewal retreat this year in Sedona, I know without a doubt that I will continue to evolve and grow across the course of my entire life. My big “aha” and growth this year was in being able to slow down and let go of the automatic ways or reactions I have to habitual circumstances. Rather than getting irritated with certain habit patterns of those I love dearly, I can slow down and choose a new response. A kinder response. A more appropriate response. A wiser response in terms of the life I want to be living. I can choose a new response.

I have spent years justifying why it was alright to feel irritated and respond in an irritated manner. And now…well, I just realized I don’t want that dynamic anymore. I choose a new response.

It is working almost all the time. I have slipped up once at the end of a long day, but caught myself quickly and went back and apologized and started again. That actually worked quite well. I am not perfect, so I suspect if I am tired, it may happen again. But the longer I practice this choice, the deeper the pathway in my nervous system, and the easier it will get. I know this is true because of all the other changes I have made across the years. Thirty days to flip the switch – so here I go!

And, enjoy!


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