At What Pace Are You Moving?

This text came in from a colleague earlier this week:
“Hi there. I just re-read your last post and was wondering what your thoughts are for coming to terms with loved ones and friends who voted for Trump. It’s a struggle not to turn away and harden my heart against them.”

My answer:
“I feel the same way and while I am processing I am giving myself space and permission to not spend time with them or speak to them.”

In other words, have a healthy boundary until you can see straight again! Of course, avoid the rabid, hate filled ones who are currently gloating and being overbearing. Limit time with them or stay away altogether.

In this equation I do not include my friends and family who are capable of an intelligent discourse about our differences. I have already received an email from one of them and our conversation is just that. Respectful, thought provoking and kind. The ones who can agree to disagree and remain connected. Life is full of differences and being able to widen one’s lens is important. It is equally important for both sides to be able to see each other’s view points and needs. Being able to talk about it in a respectful, kind way is vital.

If you cannot do that yet, take more time to yourself and walk, journal, talk with someone who is safe.

If they cannot talk respectfully and listen to you, let them know that you will not be around until that can take place. Put clear boundaries around your connections to them and hold them. If you are at a gathering with them, go take a walk, or in some other way remove yourself from the disrespectful discourse until it is over.

Healthy boundaries and staying present with a full energy reservoir within are vital to whether we can take the next step in bringing this country divided back together over time. Please be okay with taking it one day at a time.

For me, my inner turtle represents my felt senses. It is jumping up and down right now, wanting to get on board and head out to heaven-knows-where. However, I know that I make the wisest decisions when I take the time to let it all settle and move at a pace that works for turtles. At the very least I need to listen to it, hold the sensations within me, and take the time to make my decisions and statements so they reflect the wisdom of my Soul and not the emotional state of the culture.

At what pace are you moving right now?


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