Drinking at the Deep Well of the Bones

One of the many energy depletion patterns we were looking at today in AEDA I (HFAE1) was one that is rampant in our culture. It is the way in which the pace and stress of our modern world leaves us no time to rest, rejuvenate, and really sink into what would nourish us most in our lives.

Many people spend a lot of their time and attention outside of themselves, tending to or watching out for what is happening all around them. When this energy habit is present, it is the deep recesses of who we are that suffer. Our inner most parts – our bones.

In Chinese medicine the bones are a core part of the water element which houses our deep reserves. When our reserves are depleted because we have spent too much time and attention outside ourselves, our bones could be said to be energetically empty, which means we have stopped drinking at the well of rejuvenation. When that occurs – when we stop visiting the well, it often feels like it starts to go dry – having not been primed enough.

So today we explored how to return to our bones, prime the pump, and drink from the deep well within. Then everything else we do becomes easier, in the natural flow of our life force. It was a juicy day.


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