Developing and Deepening Your CranioSacral Presence – Sydney 2018

It is an honor to teach this work to my fellow CranioSacral therapists and it was a special honor to do so here in Sydney in the last week. The group drank in all the information I had to share about presence, both professionally and personally.

The sharing was deep and potent and touched my heart, again and again across these four days. The “Aha” moments were many as their inner confidence grew and their second guessing and uncertainty receded.

The light in their eyes said it all in our closing circle earlier this afternoon.

May we all travel safely to our homes and may the light of our newly discovered presence touch everyone we encounter along the way…and beyond.

And, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Developing and Deepening Your CranioSacral Presence – Sydney 2018

  1. Can you recommend someone in my area I can see for for Cranial Sacral work. I live in Reston, VA 20190, Fairfax County. Thank you

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