Darkness and Light

We arrived home yesterday afternoon from Copenhagen. With the six hour time difference I found myself in bed by 7pm and wide awake by 4am. As I sat with my first cup of tea looking out into the early morning darkness, I was struck by the diversity of our lovely planet.

Yesterday at 4am in Copenhagen the sky was already beautiful shades of morning hues, the sun just under the horizon, clear and bright. The air felt cool and crisp, inviting me to breathe deeply as my travel day began.

This morning, here in Virginia, I was sitting in total darkness at 4am – with only the bull frog chorus from the lake for companionship. Add the close intimate feeling of the air here with it’s high humidity level and I felt as though I had changed planets, not just locations.

Air that hugs you close, or air that inspires you to breathe more deeply – which do you prefer? As we walked this morning just before dawn, I enjoyed the moisture in the air. However, as the day heats up with all that humidity, it physically drains me .

Also, there is something so energizing about the amount of daylight I just experienced in Denmark. Seeing huge skies and that much light effects us as human beings and me in particular in delightful ways. It is not a conscious choice that our bodies make – but an instinctual one –  to feel more energy with the increase in light hours. It helps to remember that I cannot change how my body reacts, but I can choose what time I spend in certain locations.

This coming week I head to Edmonton, Alberta for an Alumni Rejuvenation Day  as well as an advanced training, Expanding Present Moment Consciousness. Out under the big beautiful skies of Canada, I get to be energized and inspired once again. Join me if you can!


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