Present Moment JOY on the WWPT

The SER 1 class formally ended at 4pm yesterday. So much heartfelt, intimate sharing and healing occurred for these women. They dived in with me 150% – offering up their pain for healing and learning how to return to balance within themselves. Hopefully all were leaving with a new, deepened relationship with their inner wisdom. ... Read More

Courageous Heart Energy Abounds Here – WWPT Continues

The class here in Guangzhou is made up of 21 Chinese women from all walks of life. Each day I look out from the front of the class on this group of demure, polite, intelligent women – all of them beautiful, each in their own unique way. Most of them younger than me. Most of ... Read More

Deep Feminine Wisdom Grows Our Presence

As I am reaching out to get know China, she is touching me as well. In the beautiful Guilin, there is a huge rock formation lovingly named Elephant Mountain that sits looking over the river, with her trunk reaching down to drink in the shallows. It is covered in plants and flowers and has paths ... Read More

Zen Garden Sunrise Magic – Presence Growing

It is sunrise here in Guilin, China, at the Zen Garden Resort and what a magical time it is. This small resort is nestled amid the distinctive rock formations of this area, so I was greeted by the early morning fog encircling the mountains…my sense of awe is awakened. As I look out my window ... Read More

World Wide Presence Tour – Guilin, China

The World Wide Presence Tour (AKA – WWPT from now on) has continued out into the countryside of China, about two hours out of Guangzhou by high speed train. The beauty is exquisite as you can see – we are here for 2 days, drinking it all in, and having a much needed rest (for ... Read More

Greeting All New Experiences With Curiosity

This World Wide Presence Tour (WWPT) has taken me into new realms from the moment I left home. As you all may know, I am committed to learning more about how to be present in my environment no matter what it brings. This is not an easy practice to cultivate, as the human brain and ... Read More

World Wide Presence Tour Begins in Guangzhou, China

At almost midnight last night, after 24 hours of travel from Washington, DC, I was warmly welcomed by my hosts Simon and Rosa Rama. What a wonderful way to arrive in this beautiful city. It was formerly called Canton and historically, it was the first city in all of China to be opened to trade ... Read More

Reclaiming the Wisdom in Your Feet and Legs

When I was writing Reclaiming Your Body I was required to limit which Wisdom Areas of the body I wrote about (or the book would have been a LOT longer!) As an Upledger CranioSacral Instructor I have always taught about the intelligence and wisdom of every cell in the body. Given the right circumstances, they ... Read More

A New Day is Dawning

When I awoke this morning in Sedona, AZ, the sun greeted me with such color and beauty that I had to share it with all of you. Then I opened my computer and the information from the Golden Globe Awards last night had been published. It appears that the main message from many was about ... Read More

Gifts of the Night

Slipping out of bed at 5am Silently making my way down the stairs Sitting by the window in the pale moonlight Sipping hot chai, wrapped in a warm blanket   In the darkness the cold winds howl Silver frost covers everything like icing The moon is just a sliver of a smile Calmness and peace ... Read More