Beyond the Dura – Beyond Our Expectations

I have just spent the day listening to my colleagues speak and share exciting information about the history –  and then future – of CranioSacral therapy. What a fabulous day. We have been inspired by Chas Perry on the Essence of Dr. Upledger’s work, listened to research on all aspects of  CST including migraine headaches, and then were roused in a strong call to action for case studies and research. We got to hear from Rebecca Ridge about her CST work in China with special needs children, and then deep wisdom from the womb, by my friend and colleague Carol McLellan as she described the new curriculum on CST for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth. It was truly an amazing day! Wish you all were here with us so you could be filled with the inspiration that is permeating the room. The excitement is palpable.


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