Becoming Deeply Aware of the Ground I Stand Upon.

As my foot has been healing, I have been provided with many opportunities to pay attention to my feet and how they connect with the earth. Gravity has moved from an unconscious force in my world, to something I am much more aware of moment to moment. I play with it all the time now. I notice what happens when I walk in a manner that I previously considered normal. It hurts. But how about if I change my relationship to gravity by letting my feet make contact more consciously and slowly? Ahhh…better. And as each day passes, I am learning to walk more consciously.

And what about the metaphor of the “ground I stand upon”? Who or what in my life is supportive of who I am and what I stand for? I think of the people, institutions and communities that have nurtured me across the years and allowed me to grow and flourish – from my family and churches growing up, to Eckerd College which encouraged my independence and creativity as I learned. I think of the Upledger Institute and Esalen Institute as two major communities which have supported me in manifesting my gifts in the world. And my community here in Reston, VA has supported me so wonderfully for  most of my life. Friends, neighbors, clients, teachers, students, and family. These are the ground I stand upon and I am more aware than ever before of their presence in my life. Thank you all.


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