Monthly Archives: September 2014

My Last Day at Esalen for 2014

6am and I am wide awake Hot tea and milk cradled in my hands Listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves Arriving to greet the rocky coastline below me Orion and a whole host of other stars Are still shining brightly in the sky I have just made my last early morning pilgrimage to ... Read More

Saying Farewell to Esalen

September 25, 2014 Today is the last day of my monthlong Presence and Leadership training and it has been a rich, fruitful time spent with this wonderful group of work scholars – I can honestly say that I have loved them, one and all. It has been marvelous to get to experience my core body ... Read More

Calling all CranioSacral Therapists

Late last year my colleague, Kate Mackinnon called me to talk about how to take CST into the world in a bigger way – a vision we both hold near and dear to our hearts. And, her recently published book, From My Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance Through Craniosacral Therapy, had opened up a whole ... Read More

Full Moon at Esalen

What is it about a full moon that breaks us open? Is it the silvery light banishing the darkness Creating shadows and shining so brightly on the water? Last night the full moon light poured into my room Telling my brain to sleep lightly Awakening, I was entranced with the magic in the air Drenching me in the cool light Cool ... Read More

More On Slowing Down

Slowing down while at Esalen (me being an extrovert) is no small task. Friday afternoon’s wine and cheese for the workshop leaders was filled with a lively and long discussion with Rupert Sheldrake, and his wife Jill Purce, as well his colleague Marc Adrus. Friday evening I got to partake in a Pachamama ceremony during Lissa Rankin’s weekend workshop. Then yesterday we ... Read More

Esalen Beauty

The days here often start foggy and my Polartec is the appropriate layer for comfort. Then somewhere around mid-day the sun breaks through the fog and it feels like we have entered another dimension. I think it must have something to do with the molecular composition of ocean air, the reflection off the water, and the ... Read More

Cris Williamson Lives On!

In the late 1970s my inner healing process was cracking open for the first time. It happened in various places and retreats centers – too many to name here – but one constant touched and opened my heart over and over again. That was the music of Cris Williamson, from her seminal album “The Changer ... Read More

Slowing Down

As I fly to California, I am reflecting on an article I just read in the 8/26/14 Health and Science section of the Washington Post. The article is about taking significant time (20-30 days) off for vacation on an annual basis. It talks about the price we pay as Americans, in terms of productivity and health ... Read More